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Who we are?

We are among the leading players engaged exclusively in organizing wildlife tours in the country and overseas, coupled with a team of people having experience of more than a decade and a meditative focus on Africa, the Mecca of wildlife

On a hard jungle journey, nothing is as important as having a team you can trust. We at "Journey to the Jungle" are driven by the simple philosophy that the wild rejoices in the jungles, not in cages and zoos.

Our tours are veritable odysseys of customized wildlife and photography that suit your pockets, expeditions that take you to the exotic world of tranquil and idyll where man and wildlife reside in complete harmony.

Our endeavor is not merely arranging tours but to turn them into wildlife pilgrimages.

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Wildlife Tourism



Wildlife tourism in India is majorly because of its majestic national animal the tiger, unlike in Africa where the spotlight could be various available fauna. It is home to around 50 tiger reserves where an ... overwhelming majority of tourists flock to catch a glimpse of these handsome felines in all their royal highness. As the tiger population gradually multiplies, much to the relief of ecologists and tourism lovers, the tiger has single-handedly dominated the wildlife tour itineraries even as national parks gain importance in national heritage and act as their custodians. Tiger tourism is not just about leisure. It is also about advocacy, education and protection so tourists can appreciate tigers in the wild and allow them their right to the habitat.
We at the Journey to Jungle have been driven by this twin objective of striking a balance between wildlife conservation and the recreation potential of tiger tourism.
Wildlife tourism has prospered and flourished in India, and continues to do so, with the stressed urban life seeking to break free from the daily humdrum and skullduggery to explore the meandering ecstasy of the huge expanse of forests in the country and abroad. The sheer joy of pitch-tenting the alluring jungles and exploring its old world charm and virgin habitat has to be experienced in flesh and blood. These sojourns, however, are better cherished when planned and executed to perfection.
The region’s rich and diverse wildlife is preserved in 50 Tiger Reserves, 120+ National parks, 18 Bio-Reserves and 500+ Wildlife Sanctuaries scattered across Western Ghats, Eastern Himalayas, not to speak across pockets in almost every state.
India is home to the multi-splendored glory of a diverse, enchanting wildlife. From majesties like the stunning Royal Bengal Tiger, the magnificent Asiatic Lion, the elusive Leopard, the rare Indian Rhinoceros, the powerful Indian Elephant, Gaur, Deer, Pythons, Striped Hyenas, Bears, Crocodiles, Dholes, Monkeys, Snakes, Antelopes, Wolves, Jackals, Foxes and an astonishingly electric range of beautiful birds, India is truly safari paradise and a tourist’s marvel.
We let you bask in this world. Spread across the length and breadth of its territories are several national parks, each with their own unique exquisiteness. Choosing a safari destination can often be tricky and confusing. We help you zero in on the right safari and design a package tour that is tailor-made to suit your preferences.



Africa is the ultimate dream for those who value the priceless Nature. Its mind blowing landscapes and array of amazing wildlife cohabit with serene tranquil and idyll to make it the most ... sought-after safari destination in the world. From the deserts of Namibia to the wildlife in Kenya and Tanzania, each destination offers an unparalleled adventure beyond words.
It straddles the equator which bestows an opulent diversity of wildlife and landscapes on the world’s second largest continent. Large predators roam the sweeping savannas among huge herds of grazing herbivores while primates and reptiles inhabit its dark, dense forests. Widely regarded as the place where human life originated, it is abode to many of the world’s best loved and most fascinating animals, as well as to some of its most endangered.
With a cultural diversity and wildlife so peculiarly its own Africa ranks up there among all tourist spots. The beautiful lodges around its wet and arid lands are the proverbial icing on the cake. It is the only destination for those who want to seek a rendezvous with the majestic African Lion, the ace sprinter Cheetah, the towering Giraffe, African Rhinos and the huge Elephants, the Wildebeast, Cape Buffalo, Gazelles and a host of predators. It is where the fittest survive and each day is a torrid struggle for existence – a struggle you will be privileged witness to.
Each destination has its prime time to visit during the seasons. “The Great Migration”, for instance, makes for a splendid education around August. You can luxury-camp while experiencing this wonderful phenomenon. We can help you choose and plan your African Safari just the way you would love it and during the precise time. With the singular aim of tourist satisfaction, we strive to make it a once-in-lifetime experience.


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