About Us​ 

The love and passion for wildlife, safaris and adventures run in our adrenaline. In our considered philosophy, there is a world outside wifi that begs to be explored. It drove us to embark upon an adventure which is now a mission to us in Journey to the Jungle.

Our tours are splendid getaways into this exotic world where the hunters and the hunted live on the edge. We bring to you the first-hand, live experience of the thrill of chase, patience and the epic struggle for survival of its inhabitants amid nature’s bounty. All wildlife safaris are worth remembering. We go the extra mile to make it unforgettable. In our ethos, the excitement and stimulus of a safari is virtual tonic for rejuvenation. To us, every safari has new stories to tell, share and enjoy. We unfold to you the cheer of all these through our tours. 

It is our own humble way of thanksgiving to mother nature and its offshoots

Eco-tourism has taken off around the globe in a big way since it is one of the concrete steps in the conservation of Nature and Wildlife. It also seeks to bridge the man-animal conflict. We blend these in an attempt to go beyond the realms of commercial tours.

With our long-standing experience and skills on planning safaris, we can help you select some incredible destinations timed to perfection. We make your stay cozy and comfortable with hand-picked properties where peace will be your constant companion.

So leave it to us at “Journey to the Jungle”. We shall take care of you and your safari needs while you partake of the breath-taking imagery of the land.


Mukesh Korti

Mukesh Korti, an IT professional, a wildlife enthusiast, wildlife volunteer and photographer is a wildlife expert and face of Journey to the Jungle. His passion for wildlife began right in his childhood. A tiger tracker by hobby, he has seen Indian Wilderness from close quarters. At 42, having explored many Indian jungles, he knows the nook and corner of those jungles precisely the Tiger Reserves and have been studying the habitat along with the flora & fauna of the Indian jungles since last so many years.

As a Wildlife Photographer he has captured amazing tiger and other wild animal snaps especially in places like Bandhavgarh, Corbett, Kanha, Pench, Tadoba and Ranthambhore. He has to his credit some awesome bird photographs and can identify many species of them too

With his immense experience in the wild, at Journey to the Jungle his job is not only to escort their guests on the tours but to strive hard for better wildlife sightings, assisting budding photographers and make tours memorable.

Hemant Masurkar

Hemant Masurkar, a Mechanical Engineer by qualification, a true wildlife and nature lover, is another important team member on our panel. As a wildlife photographer he has witnessed and documented the best of Indian & African Wildlife through his lenses. His expertise lies in Tigers of Central Indian Jungles where his experience becomes more than handy while touring.

Although a tiger specialist, Hemant also possess good knowledge about wildlife in general with great wildlife sense and utilizes them while on safari often resulting in great wildlife sightings .and utilizes them while on safari often resulting in great wildlife sightings .and utilizes them while on safari often resulting in great wildlife sightings .

In a Photography workshop with Hemant one can expect a comprehensive knowledge about wildlife and some useful tips about wildlife photography.               

Shekhar Bopardikar

Shekhar Bopardikar is an Architect by profession, a well known birder in wildlife circles and an ace photographer and wildlife lover. He leads our team on our birding tours.      

Having an experience of over two decades he can easily identify and distinguish more than thousand species of birds and knows when and where to capture birds in his camera. 

An Ornithologist by hobby he has explored many national parks and birding destinations not only in India but abroad too and photographed more than three thousand specie of birds.  

To have an experienced photographer of his caliber on a birding tour can certainly be a delightful experience for anybody.       

Our Services

Safari Bookings

Since we are exclusively into organizing wildlife tours booking safaris for our customers is one of our primary job.


When in wild our customers can rely on us to book best of properties for them.

Photography Workshops

Conducting on-field photography workshops on demand for budding photographers carrying DSLR's.                                                                

Travel Booking

Managing Air / Railway / Bus / Cab bookings for our customers is also one of our regular service.

Passport & Visa

We can help our customers in processing their Passport and Visa applications for our overseas tours.

Wildlife Volunteering 

We can assist and aid in various volunteering opportunities on offer in the wild for the aspiring candidates 

Camera & Lenses Rentals

Our services also includes Renting Camera & Accessories  required by the photographers on the field. 

Our services are inclusive of any such activities that eases our customer’s burden and our service start right from the word go. Once you finalize a tour with us, we shall endeavor to make it comfortable and enjoyable.